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'Tuning In' with Kristine Mills
This week we are "Tuning In" with Houston-based vocalist/songwriter Kristine Mills.

Music in the Morning:
Musician Kristine Mills talks about a performance on November 4 at Parker Jazz Club in downtown Austin and shows off her newest video 'Blue Isn't Blue Anymore'.


Still Austin Whiskey Co Music Monday with Kristine Mills!
by We Are Austin 


What's New Interviews Kristine Mills
by Tracey Schulz
November 4, 2021


“She is a fine writer of The Song, an even better writer of The Ballad and best of all she writes a compelling narrative. In short, Mills may be considered a complete musician." - Raul da Gama - World Music Report

“Kristine Mills’ “BossaToo” is a marvel. Joined by class artists, she is able to explore the beautiful depths and the wondrous heights of bossa nova and she does it with the subtle twist of a phrase or bend of a note.” - Travis Rogers, Jr. is The Jazz Owl

“Mills’ voice is magnificent and is never rushed or strained. Combine that with very listenable compositions and what remains is a work that begs to be simply enjoyed. Which is exactly what I did during the entire review.” - Paul Wilson  - Audiophile

“The lyrics penned by Mills represent the most important factor of BOSSAtoo’s success: ‘Hold Fast,’ ‘Last First Glance,’ and ‘Waiting for Maybe.’ Her gifted pen explains why she has been the recipient of so many music awards, and what I hope to be a pathway for others to also one day cover her well-crafted tunes on their own albums in years to come.” - Constance Tucker, Editor - All About Vocals

“Every once in a while you see a live performance so good it sends shivers up your spine. Be ready for some shiver action when jazz singer Kristine Mills steps onstage.” - Houston Press

"She is a refreshing artist with a contagious spirit that reaches out to her audience with witty and welcoming warmth. She makes her guitar sing like a mockingbird on steroids. Her accompanying style easily goes from gentle to ferocious. She is a force to be reckoned with." - “Mills Makes Magic at the Metropolitan Room,” TIMES SQUARE CHRONICLES 

“Kristine Mills is the complete package graced with beauty, sensitivity, and a magnetic voice. She makes every song have the effect of an aphrodisiac on the senses.” -

"Kristine Mills' pure jazz has become part of the soundtrack of Houston, which makes perfect sense. Like the city itself, her music combines an elemental strength at its core with an almost brazen sex appeal you have to experience to understand. This woman has mad skills." - Jeff Gremillion, Editor-in-chief, HOUSTON MODERN LUXURY

“So Ms. Mills’ vocal ability is more than ‘a way with a lyric,’ it’s an immersion into material that she owns, not something someone else built. This is her intimate familiarity with lyrics that become almost instantly familiar inside your head. This isn’t mouthing words...This is considerable vocal talent.” -