bossanovafied (2010)

Kristine's third album received international acclaim and airplay since it debuted at #46 on Jazz Week World Music Album Chart, February 2010. The sultry, hot, bossa nova collection of all original songs was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and short-listed for Grammy nomination consideration in the Best Jazz Album with Vocals category. Cuts from the CD played on the in-flight radio of several international and domestic carriers.


"bossanovafied is a collection of songs about life explored through melody and lyric. The entire project is a collaboration of poets, musicians and me shaping our art and experiences by sharing our life’s experiences.


The lyrics of these songs, were either written by me, or crafted from the poetry of two insightful poets, David Schneider and Brian Spack. Their words succinctly expressed how I felt about things in my life, though I was incapable of addressing them for myself. Sentiments found in the lyrics address about the ebb and flow of relationships, life and love, will surely resonate with those who hear them. The accompanying melodies I wrote for the lyrics help to project the listener into the stories so they may empathize with them through their own experiences.


The other component in the collaboration is Brazilian pianist, Paulo Midosi, I met this classic bossa nova pianist, writer and arranger in Rio the summer of 2006 while performing with this trio at Club J. For us it was instant chemistry. I found the courage to ask to sit-in after the show. The rest, as they say, is history. After that performance, we agreed to meet in Rio the following year to record my songs as bossa novas and sambas.


bossanovafied as you hear it today is the result of beautiful arrangements created by Midosi and Harold Cazes, plus, the input of the other musicians once we were in the studio. Together we found the heart and soul of my melodies and harmonies.


The atmosphere in the studio was dynamic and we fed off each other’s energy and ideas. Each song was improved upon measure by measure. This album, infused with the essence of Brazil, the rhythm of bossa nova and samba, embody those special sounds that have always fascinated, mesmerized and inspired me."



She makes every song have the effect of an aphrodisiac on the senses!” ”

— Jazz inside magazine