asYETuntitled (2012)

asYETuntitled  is Kristine's fifth CD which was funded in part by the 2012 Houston Arts Alliance Grant for Established Individual Artist in MUSIC. This album of Mills’ all original songs released with concerts both in Houston and New York the Spring of 2013. asYETuntitled short-listed 56th Grammy nomination consideration in “Best Pop with Vocals Album.”

About asYETuntitled, Kristine Mills 2012

Art is revealing. Art is personal. Art is moving. 

It is exciting, scary, joyful, and beautiful – sometimes all at once. It reveals universal truths, yet remains utterly subjective. as YET untitled is the examination of all these experiences found throughout the creative process. It is with heart in hand that this is offered to you for your own discovery. 

The songwriting process - whether crafting melody or lyric - has allowed me to work through experiences in my life. Sometimes it reveals something that otherwise I would have chosen to ignore or bury. To remain authentic to the (true) story – one must accept and respond through the process of writing. Triumph and failure, love found then lost, life and death, are the foundations of the stories in this collection. 

These songs start with me, but end in collaboration. They culminate and flourish through the contributions of brilliant artists, poets, musicians, and arrangers. We blended favorite influences of our generation with the musical masters that inspired us - shaping stories into songs. 

Thank you to two special poets, David and Brian,  my musical conscience David Craig, and Ilya my heartbeat. Without you, many of these songs would not exist. 

The lyrics and music came together in a new way - on an aural canvas producing a musical “exhibition” now offered to you to “view” with your eyes and ears. 

With love and song, Kristine

Kristine Mills' pure jazz has become part of the soundtrack of Houston!”