Duets London with Kristine Mills and Abe Hampton

(BST, UTC+01) (BST, UTC+01)

Piano Smithfield, 14, Long Lane, Barbican, London EC1A 9PN

Award-winning, American jazz vocalist and songwriter, now based in London, is a fixture performing at Bert’s Jazz Club in Belfast Northern Ireland, and around jazz clubs in London. Career highlights include headlining the Jazz Festival do Brazil tour, performing as guest vocalist with the Duke Ellington Orchestra and other respected jazz clubs throughout the United States and Brazil. Kristine’s discography includes several albums and a film soundtrack of her original songs. Kristine is honored to collaborate and perform with Abe, whom she finds to be a creative, dynamic and versatile artist.

"I just love London! I’m enjoying performing and collaborating with these fine jazz and world music musicians for a fresh perspective. The city and its musicians are inspiring.”

Experience the captivating artistry of pianist Abraham Hampton. With decades of performance experience, his dynamic and heartfelt performances have been praised by critics and audiences alike. Discover his passion for music and explore his impressive repertoire on his official website, www.abehamptonlive.com.